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24 Common skin care mistakes that can easily be avoided

common skin care mistakes

If you want flawless skin, it is imperative that you avoid these common skin care mistakes. You may not be aware that you are even doing them, but when you see them, I’m certain you will realise that you have been making a number of these mistakes for some time.

Below are 24 common skin care mistakes you can easily avoid..

common skin care mistakes1. Over-washing your face

Washing your skin regularly is essential. However, you CAN wash your skin too much. By doing this you are taking the natural oils out of it. You don’t want to do that. By doing that, your skin will then begin to produce an excessive amount of oils. This will lead you to getting breakouts of acne.

2. Scrubbing your face too hard

By scrubbing your face too hard with a face cloth (whether it is soft or rough) will irritate your skin. This irritation can make your skin appear red or inflamed, it can also make it appear flaky from drying out. I would recommend you to either wash your skin softly with your hands, or try not to rub too hard. Of course you want to get rid of the dead skin, but you still want to leave your fresh skin behind too.

3. Washing with water that is too hot

Another common skin care mistake is washing your skin with water that is too hot. By doing this you will damage your capillaries, but also take the natural oils out of your skin too. This will dry your skin out and leave it red and inflamed. Is all you need to do is turn your water down when you either take a bath or shower. Trust me, your skin will thank you for it.

4. Washing with any old cleanser

Not all cleansers are made the same way. There are some cleansers on the market that will be great for your skin. However, there are also some nasty skin care products too. I would advise you to make an effort to find the one that is right for your skin type, as they won’t all be great for your skin. Some skin care products have some really harsh chemicals in them. These won’t be good for anyone with sensitive skin.

5. Exfoliating too often

These days most people exfoliate their skin, which is great for skin care. However, you can also overdo it. It is best to avoid over-exfoliating your skin if you can help it, as over-exfoliating removes the barrier which protects your skin. If this barrier is removed, your skin will then be more exposed to external factors, such as; toxins from the environment and also the sun, thus causing sun damage. Ideally you want to be exfoliating 2 times per week, 3 at the most.

6. Wearing makeup to bed

One night in bed with your makeup still intact won’t do too much harm. However, if you make a habit of it, that’s when the skin problems begin. There are some great ways to remove makeup without having to scrub your skin vigorously! You can use baby wipes or baby oil. Both remove makeup easily and it will only take a minute or too!

7. Relying on wipes to remove makeup

Although wipes are designed to remove makeup, you really shouldn’t rely on them to get rid of all the makeup. I recommend adding rinsing with water afterwards to your routine. This will wash away any remaining makeup residue and debris.

8. Popping zits

Eww… popping zits? How disgusting! However, most of us do it regardless. Some people even take pleasure in it. Whether you take pleasure in it, or just want to be rid of it as quickly as possible, I would just like to advise you to leave it alone. For a couple of reasons:

Reason 1: The spot is containing all the nasty bacteria. Once it has popped, the bacteria is then released, which can then be introduced to other pores. This can then begin the formation of new spots. And…

Reason 2: it may even cause scarring to your beautiful skin. So… just try your hardest to avoid popping them. Let them run their course and they should disappear all on their own within 3 to 7 days!

9. Not bothering with sunscreen

If you’re like many you may just be putting off wearing sunscreen, but you really shouldn’t. Let me tell you about my personal experience. For years I read that it is essential to wear sunscreen. I didn’t think I spent a lot of time in the sun so I thought I could get away with not wearing any. However, the little time I did spend in the sun was enough to get uneven skin tone from the sun. uneven skin tone isn’t the only damage the sun can cause to your skin however. You can also get: Sunburn, Freckles, age spots, melasma, actinic keratosis, actinic cheilitis (which appears on the lips) and various other skin degrading conditions. So, it’s worth taking some time to look around for a moisturizer that contains an SPF factor of at least 15 or above when going out into the sun.

10. Not bothering to wash the pillowcases

This one may sound a bit far-fetched, but trust me, this is a very common skin care mistake many people make. Maybe you are used to living at home and your mum used to do all the laundry for you and now that you grown up and been kicked out you have to wash your own sheets and pillowcases. However, you just never seem to get around to doing it. This is something that needs to be avoided if you want great skin. The reason is because your pillowcases will accumulate dirt and grime just like anything else.

Somethings that can accumulate on your pillowcases are things such as; conditioners, hairsprays, oils that you put in your hair and as mentioned above, makeup that you may have worn to bed.. All of these things can help to clog up your pores. If your pillowcases are dirty after reading this, put them in a hot wash and get rid of all the build up and continue to wash at least once per week.

11. Forgetting the toner, or using the wrong one

If you’re leaving out the toner because you think it’s not essential or required for great skin, I  have some bad news for you. Toner is equally as important as your moisturiser. If you are just using cleansers on their own, you may still be left with clogged pores. You really need to unclog those pores before you apply your moisturiser, that way you can avoid those dreaded pimples. However, you have to be picky when choosing your toner. Not any old toner is going to do the trick. I would advise you to get a toner that’s alcohol-free. Why alcohol free? Because alcohol-free won’t dry out your skin, and it will also help to clear the skin of any minerals and chlorine from your tap water.

12. Washing with a bar of soap

This one is probably the most common skin care mistake. Just about everybody uses soap at some point. The problem with soap is that the pH levels found in your soap is so high that it strips away all the moisture from the skin, thus causing a build up of dead skin cells. Washing with a bar of soap also reverses the positive effects that exfoliants have on your skin. My advice to you would be to avoid them altogether, no matter how much the price or what anyone says about their brand.

13. Touching your skin after eating

I think this one may be slightly difficult to avoid. However, now that you know, and if you begin to be mindful, you can train yourself to avoid doing it. Avoid doing what? Avoid touching your skin after eating. Eating chips, crisps and even chocolate is very common. The only thing with eating these foods, we tend to do it with our hands. So, eating foods such as these aren’t just bad for you internally, but also externally. When you touch your skin with greasy fingers you will inevitably clog up your pores and, cause yourself an acne outbreak.

14. Not treating blemishes the correct way

Did you know that there are different types of blemishes? Of course you did. However, do you know what they are and how to treat them? That I think is not so obvious. If you know what they are, however, I stand corrected.

First off, you have Pustular blemishes. These blemishes usually result with a whitehead. It is as this stage when you should treat it. You can treat it by squeezing the infection out gently until it is completely removed. Then apply a spot drying out treatment. This will work its way into the skin and completely neutralise any leftover infection.

If it is a cystic blemish that forms, (which usually appear around the jaw area) on the other hand, avoid picking at it as they will not rise to the surface of the skin. Instead, it is advised that you use an over the counter anti-cyst treatment. This will dissolve the infection and also help to prevent any infections from resulting again in the future!

15. Using too much moisturiser

Using a lot of moisturiser isn’t going to make your skin any more moist. It will however make your skin greasy, and cause you to have breakouts. To correct this, gently apply a thin layer to the surface of your skin. I’d just like to add though, that your skin can only absorb so much moisturiser, so over-using your product will just be a waste.

16. Not using any moisturiser

As opposed to using too much moisturiser, you might not be using enough. But, if you are skipping this step from your routine entirely, that is very bad. Even if you have oily skin a dermatologist will recommend that you use a moisturiser. And in that case, there are moisturisers designed specifically for that purpose. If you can’t find one, ask someone in the know if they can recommend one for your skin type. Alternatively, it is a good idea to read peoples reviews on products in question before buying them.

Also before you purchase any moisturiser, think about the environment around you. Is it a hot day? If so, you could think about getting a moisturiser that contains SPF. Or, is it freezing cold? If it is, your skin will definitely dry out. And another thing you could consider about the environment is… are there lots of bugs? Because there are even moisturisers on the market today that do actually contain insect repelling properties!

17. Leaving make up on whilst working out at the gym

Although you may think you need makeup everywhere you go, you may want to avoid leaving it on when you hit the gym. It’s kind of obvious what will happen if you do, but just in case you haven’t thought of this yet, then consider this. Remove your make up before stepping onto that treadmill. Because…. when you begin to sweat, your pores will open. Then, they will begin to clog up with your make up, resulting in nasty blemishes. Although you may have taken time to put your makeup on in the morning, it’s not worth clogging those pores with it, as this may make you want to apply more than is necessary when you put make up on the next time (to hide those nasty blemishes).

18. Thinking because something is natural, it is safe

You should never assume that because a skincare product is natural, it is safe. Natural does not mean safe, they are two very different things. So in this case, let me give you an example of what I’m trying to get across to you. Although skincare products containing citrus oils maybe natural and smell great, you might want to consider the cons. Citrus oils make the skin photosensitive, which will increase the chances of damage to the skin in the sunlight. This is a perfect example. However, I can think of another off the top of my head. A product containing essential oils that is completely natural may be safe for one person, but it would not be safe to somebody that has an allergy to whatever it is in the product. In this case it might be advisable to check what’s in the product before purchasing or using.

19. Not considering how gentle the eye area is

Because the skin on the area around your eyes doesn’t have as much muscle behind it as the rest of your face you should avoid rubbing too vigorously. By rubbing too hard, you risk drying this area out and causing the area to wrinkle and sag early. So, when you are removing your makeup before bed or before you hit the gym, consider using something gentle like coconut oil to remove any leftover makeup around the eye area.

20. Not cleansing before bed

Your skin is more likely to accumulate dirt and grime throughout the day. So, cleansing your face in the evening before bed is just as important as cleaning it in the morning if you wish to maintain your fresh look for years to come.

21. Not enough beauty sleep

Believe it or not, but beauty sleep isn’t just an expression. It is in fact actually tangible. And what I mean by that is that whilst you are getting those elusive Zzz’s your skin is repairing itself. So, if you aren’t getting between 7 to 9 hours kip a night, you aren’t getting enough sleep to keep your skin at its best.

22. Neglecting the neck area

Be truthful, how often do you moisturise your neck? If you do as often as you do the rest of your body and face, then well done. You are doing a great job and should be maintaining your youthful look. However, if you aren’t at all, then you are going to age too soon say some dermatologists. Because the skin around your neck area has less sebaceous glands than anywhere else on your body, it will become dry sooner than anywhere else on your body. And, due to the breakdown of collagen and elastin and exposure to the sun will further the result in dry, creased, sagging skin too.

23. Not considering the environment

Although I did mention this in a tip from earlier on in the post, this is a separate common skin care mistake. I know a lot of people love to blast out the heat in the room to make it all nice and cozy, but this is one thing that can be causing your skin to dry out. Whether you are sitting or laying in the room with too much heat your skin will dry out. Fortunately there is a way around this problem. By adding a humidifier to the room you can keep the room moist. Or in case you are sitting at your office space, you could consider keeping a facial mist close by so you can spritz to refresh every now and then.

24. Licking lips

It’s so easy to lick your lips when they are dry to provide temporary relief. However, due to the acidic enzymes your lips will soon begin to dry out. Try to get out of the habit and start applying a lip balm instead. If you look after them, it will show.

Avoid these common skin care mistakes and you will soon begin to see some wonderful improvements. If you managed to read this far, then thank you for reading. I hope you liked my post. And if you did like it, I will be very grateful if you will share it.