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Daily Skin Care Routine for the Face to Maintain It’s Beauty

If you, like myself have problematic skin, then taking good care of it is essential. To do that though, you must ensure you have a good daily skin care routine.

Before you begin your daily skin care routine, be sure to use the correct product for your skin type.

To begin, if you don’t already know what type of skin you have, it may pay off to visit a dermatologist (or speak to a customer adviser) to find out what type of skin you have, so you can choose the correct product for your skin type. Needless to say, if you have oily skin you need to choose something for oily skin. If you choose one for normal skin, it may not work as efficiently. If you have sensitive skin on the other hand, then you want to avoid using anything that has harsh chemicals as this type of cleanser will only irritate your skin, causing it to dry out or become red and inflamed.

Your daily skin care routine may vary significantly from gender to gender. Not only is our skin slightly different because of hormones and other similar issues related. But, most women tend to wear make-up. No disrespect to transgenders or transvestites that wear make-up though. I am just speaking about the majority.

For the ladies that wear make-up, try to avoid going to sleep wearing it. This may clog up your pores, leaving it more susceptible to breakouts of acne.

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After you have found the best products that are suited to your skin type you should ensure you begin your routine. Morning-and-night.

Daily Skin Care Routine: morning

Steps for washing face with a cleanser.

  1. Get up and go to the bathroom. (Obviously).
  2. Run the tap until the water is warm and wet your face.
  3. Squeeze a small amount of your cleanser into your hands and rub all over wet face. Ensure that it spreads evenly over the entire face.
  4. Massage cleanser into the skin using circular motions, avoiding contact with the areas under the eyes as this area is very sensitive. Also, if you get the cleanser too close to the eyes, your eyes may sting a little.
  5. with warm water, rinse the cleanser off completely, leaving no trace of any residue to ensure that no pores get clogged.
  6. pat face dry gently until face is thoroughly dry.

Follow with a Toner.

  1. pour a small amount of toner into the palm of your hand or onto a cotton bud.
  2. apply toner evenly to entire face.
  3. massage toner onto the skin.
  4. Pat face dry.

If your skin type is normal, then you may want to cut out the moisturizer from your daily skin care routine as your skin should be supplied with the necessary amount of sebum. Unless there are some extreme environmental conditions, such as; really cold weather for example, then you may want to use a moisturizer as the protective barrier gets damaged and is unable to retain the skins natural moisture. You may not need to use a moisturizer neither if you have oily skin, as the skin produces too much sebum on it’s own.

For those that have dry skin though:

Follow with a Moisturizer.

  1. with clean hands, squirt a small amount of moisturizer in to the palm of your hand.
  2. Apply the moisturizer to thoroughly cleaned face.
  3. cover entire face, or areas you think are particularly dry.
  4. massage gently into skin using strokes; upwards and outwards.
  5. leave face to dry

You may prefer to follow the instructions that come with the bottle, and that’s fine. As each moisturizer will have different instructions depending on the type of moisturizers. Some are thinner than others and require you to add more moisturizer whilst some are thick and require you to add less.

A lot of people tend to think that moisturizer will protect your skin from sun-damage. However, it does not. Unless it specifies on the moisturizer container that it does so, of course. It is worth baring this in mind when you reach the warmer months when your skin is exposed to the sun. I would advise you to either wear a sunscreen or wear a moisturizer that contains a high enough SPF factor to prevent any skin damage from the sun.

Daily Skin Care Routine: night

Steps for washing face with a cleanser.

  1. Run the tap until water is warm then wet your face.
  2. Apply your cleanser to your wet face with clean hands and cover the entire face. Ensure that you spread it evenly.
  3. Once again, just as you did in the morning, massage cleanser into skin using circular motions, upwards and outwards avoiding contact with the sensitive areas under the eyes.
  4. With warm water remove the cleanser from your face and leave no trace of the cleanser to avoid any pores getting clogged.
  5. With a soft towel pat face dry gently until face is thoroughly dry.

If you have cleansed your face thoroughly, then it is not really necessary to apply a toner before going to bed. But, it is necessary to apply some night cream to avoid lines around eyes and to keep your skin looking as young as it possibly can.

Steps for applying a night cream to face.

There are actual methods for applying night creams. This methods I am going to share with you is called the 5-dot method. 

  1. Apply a dot of night cream to each finger tip.
  2. Put a dot of your night cream on your; forehead, your nose, both cheeks and your chin.
  3. massage the dots of moisturizer into the skin using upward then outward motions.
  4. Once you have massaged all the cream into your skin, decide whether you require anymore. If you need more, just add some. It’s better to start with smaller amounts first though as if you put too much on, it can get a bit greasy and a little irritating.

Well, that’s my post on a daily skin care routine for the face. I hope you like it, and I hope it will assist you in staying young and beautiful for many years t come.