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Food That Causes Acne

food that causes acne

In this post you will discover The top 10 food that causes acne..

Are you having problems with acne? And nothing seems to work to get rid of it? Acne is one of the most unfortunate things that can happen to anyone! You may be surprised to know that there is a connection between what we eat and the condition of our skin. Yes, that is correct. Each person responds differently to certain types of food and there are specific foods known to trigger a reaction that eventually leads to acne.

If you are reading this article I assume that you have a acne problem, either bigger or smaller. And it is affecting your life in some way and you’re looking for a solution. So, do you want to know what you can do about it? Don’t worry, the answer is here.

Read this post and discover how certain foods eaten can result in causing acne !!! If you want to get rid of this stubborn acne, avoid these foods as much as possible.

Here are the top 10 food that causes acne:

1. Diet Soda

Diet soda is very inflammatory to your body, because it contains aspartame which is known to increase outbreaks of acne. It may also decrease pH levels that can cause acne. That’s not good!

2. Sugar

A high sugar intake and a diet with a high glycemic index can be placed on top of the list of substances that cause acne. Sugar in any form is known to cause spikes of certain hormones produced by the skin. Foods like chocolates and other sugary treats increase blood sugar. This can cause acne. To get skin free from acne, try avoiding sugar or sugary foods as much as possible.

3. Dairy products

Cow’s milk contains a lot of nutrients and growth hormones. These growth hormones can cause acne. Milk also increases the production of insulin in your body that can cause pimples on the skin. Therefore, milk and cheese can increase acne on your skin.

4. Gluten

Gluten causes problems related to digestion and inflammation. As a result, gluten can potentially cause acne. Foods such as flour, cereals, bread, wheat and pasta are the major causes of inflammation in your body. Therefore, these are likely to increases acne breakouts. Gluten has similar effects as sugar, so try to limit/avoid consumption of these foods to get clear skin.

5. Vegetable Oils

Trans fats and highly processed vegetable oils are the main factors that cause skin outbreaks. These include canola oil, corn oil, margarine and other vegetable oils. These all stimulate inflammation. Therefore, it is advisable to consume extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil for lighter skin that is acne free.

6. Salt

The salt can lead to inflammation in the tissues and give a swollen face. Iodized salt in high doses should be avoided because they can cause acne. Check the sodium content of pre-packaged foods before consuming. You should also rinse meat, canned vegetables and beans to reduce the amount of sodium in them.

7. Candy

Candy is full of sugar content that cause acne and wrinkles. They damage collagen and elastin fibers, which helps to maintain the firmness and youthfulness of your skin. This can also cause skin dryness that causes premature wrinkles and sagging skin.

8. Spicy food

Spicy food is one type of food that causes acne. Excess consumption of spicy food can cause damage to your digestive system. This leads to the feeling of inflammation in your digestive tract and skin acne. This also increases the circulation of blood to the face that gives redness to the face. Therefore, people with acne should only eat spicy food in moderate amounts and giving your skin the necessary treatment. It is recommended to control or cure acne in its early stage. It can be cured in cleaning the pores or by other ways recommended by a dermatologist or beauty therapist.

9. Caffeine beans

Caffeine can be obtained from; painkillers, tea (black and green), chocolate, soft drinks, coffee, and energy drinks. Caffeine stimulates the adrenal glands, which release stress hormones that can increase stress levels. Too much stress is harmful to your health and skin which can lead to acne breakouts.

Caffeine can also disrupt sleep: preventing you from getting to the deepest level of sleep. This sleep is essential for physical repair and detoxification of your body. This may worsen acne conditions on the skin.

10. Processed foods

Processed food is another food that causes acne. Any processed or packaged food is bad for your skin and health. Processed foods are highly refined. This makes them difficult to digest properly. And, as a result can cause adverse reactions, such as: inflammation and acne. They are also full of additives, flavorings and other chemicals that cause allergic reactions. Processed foods have a high amount of refined sugars and fats that can cause diabetes, excess abdominal fat and inflammation.

These foods are not necessarily bad for you, but should be consumed moderately to prevent acne. If you suffer from acne, try to cut back on some of this food that causes acne and you may find yourself with healthy, beautiful skin.

I hope you have found this post on foods that cause acne useful.