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Foods That Cause Acne Should Be Kicked from Your Diet.

foods that cause acne

In this post you will discover some foods that cause acne..

Acne doesn’t only affect us throughout adolescence, it can occur in people of any age. And there are certain foods that favor its appearance. To avoid getting acne, it would be good not to indulge in these bad eating habits altogether.

Acne is a condition of the skin that most of us detest. However, we are more than likely going to get acne at some point at some point throughout our lives.

Although acne is more common at the time of adolescence, acne can occur at any age. In any skin type and in both, men and women. But there are many preventive measures you can take. This includes; your daily hygiene, careful and appropriate hydration and a healthy diet. By  implementing these into our lives, we can maintain beautiful, smooth skin that’s free of signs of acne and its powers of the aftermath. I recommend not eating these foods to avoid acne.

Types of foods that cause acne are listed below. Try and avoid them if you have acne.

Sugars and processed foods

Keep your skin free from acne by walking away from consumption of refined sugar. This includes consumption of foods that are sweetened with refined sugars like; biscuits, soft drinks, candy and other things similar. Replace refined sugars with honey or natural sugars from fruits to get equal sweetness in your meals and drinks.

Avoid eating processed foods that are full of artificial coloring’s and flavors. Artificial preservatives and toxins accumulate in your whole body, including your skin. It’s best to cook your own food always with fresh, clean and good quality ingredients.

Dairy and infusions

Dairy products are healthy but contain a lot of fat. Consume them in low calorie versions or skimmed with respect to cheeses, yogurts or other dairy. Try to buy high quality products that are certified, with the least possible amount of hormones in.

Infusions are ideal for cleaning the skin. Providing they don’t contain high doses of caffeine. Caffiene has a stimulating effect that activates the sebaceous glands, increasing your chances of getting acne.


Fats are not left out from the list. Leave those deposits that accumulate in the skin. Avoid consumption of fried or high-fat foods. And reduce red meat and fast foods that are loaded with animal fats.


Alcohol has to be included in this list of foods you should not eat. As, it leaves toxins in the body and causes the liver to work harder. This makes it harder to purify the blood to get it to it’s full potential. Which causes pimples and blackheads on your skin in the process.

I hope this post on foods that cause acne has been useful to you. If you have those nasty pimples already, I have more ways to get rid of pimples for you.