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Remove or Brighten Dark Skin Spots With Home Remedies

remove or brighten dark skin spots

Is it possible to remove or brighten dark skin spots? That is a question many people ask at some point. And that is the topic of this article. 

At some point you may notice your skin get darker in various places. These dark patches on the skin are a form of hyper-pigmentation. It’s quite common and not usually something to cause concern as it doesn’t normally impair your health in any way. However, if you notice skin discoloration suddenly, it is advised to consult a doctor so they can investigate further. As there are some possible causes of hyper-pigmentation that can be quite serious. Normally, dark patches appear on the skin for the following reasons: excessive sun exposure, aging, pregnancy and heredity. The spots may get bigger and darker over time if not treated. And, if they have already, well there’s no need to lose hope just yet as there are cosmetic treatments and home remedies for dark spots on the skin.

Remove or brighten dark skin spots with home remedies

Aloe Vera

One of the plants that cares best for our skin is Aloe Vera. If you use it daily applying it twice a day, it will help to clarify the skin and remove or brighten dark spots.


Plantain can also help with skin blemishes. Make an infusion by boiling 200 ml water and poured into a cup with 2 tablespoons of plantain. Let it stand 20 minutes, strain and apply by massaging the area with stains. You can do it twice a day.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice whitens and brightens the skin. Apply on the area you want to try whitening by giving a gentle massage. If you apply it at night and you’re going to bed you can leave it. But, if on the other-hand, it’s day, you should remove it with warm water after 20 minutes before going out into the sunlight.


Onion is also very good for removing skin blemishes. Simply cut a piece and rub the area where there are stains. Rinse 30 minutes later with lukewarm water.


With 100 g of barley make an infusion in a liter of water and let stand for 30 minutes. Strain and use barley grains stuck in a cloth to massage the stain. You can do it twice a day.


Blotching the skin or massaging with a slice of tomato every day will help to remove dark skin spots or brighten them.


Elderberry is also good for removing stains. Boil in 500 ml of water 3 tablespoons elderberry for about 10 minutes. When it is cool, strain and apply to the area with stains. You can do it 2 times a day. This remedy is especially effective for spots from sun exposure


Horseradish root is very good to help remove or brighten dark skin spots. Grind a little root and mix with lemon juice. Apply with a cotton swab by gently patting. Was off with warm water if you apply for the day or leave it overnight.

Banana and Lemon

Make a mask mashing a banana and add the juice of 1 lemon. Leave on the skin for 20 minutes and remove by washing with warm water. You can apply this 4 times a week.

Wheat germ oil

The wheat germ oil fights skin blemishes. Apply at night before bed, massaging gently until absorbed.


When you eat a delicious papaya don’t throw the shell away. Instead, rub the skin with the inside of the shell. It will help remove or brighten dark spots and also regenerate the skin and prevent wrinkles.

Evening Primrose Seeds

Evening primrose seeds are also very effective in removing stains. Mash them in a mortar and rub them over the area where there are stains.


1 tablespoon vinegar diluted in a glass of water and apply with some cotton to the skin. Do this every night.