Ways to Fall Asleep for Insomnia Sufferers

ways to fall asleep

You may be wondering what sleep has to do with your skin. So, in case you are, let’s enlighten you. Your skin needs time to rest just as much as the rest of our body to rest and repair itself. But, for it to do that you need to sleep so you can enter that cycle where your body repairs itself. This post is for the insomnia sufferers out there that just aren’t getting those elusive Z’s they need. Read on to discover 5 ways to fall asleep.

Discover 5 ways to fall asleep..

It is not always easy to get to sleep at night. Our minds can become restless as can our bodies. Sometimes when we most need and want to sleep is when we cannot catch those elusive Z’s. There have been Many scientific studies recorded on this subject over the past few decades. When a person cannot get consistent good rest, the repercussion can be damaging not only to one’s physical health but also to their mental and emotional health as well. Our fast-paced, over-scheduled, stressful daily lives often overwhelm our priorities, leaving restful sleep at the bottom of the ladder. Unfortunately, lack of sleep can lead to us being unable to function well and complete the other tasks and duties that have trumped sleep.

Here are 5 ways to fall asleep and catch those elusive Z’s.

Sacred Hours

The mind needs an adequate amount of time to sort out, process and appropriately store all of the images, sounds and activities that it absorbed throughout the day. When the mind is not allowed the time it needs to do this, it becomes restless and cannot “shut down” for the night. Give your brain the time it needs by preparing for bed early and having a routine that you will ensure you can continue. Be sure that all tasks for the day and planning for the next day is complete at least an hour before you climb in bed. Then follow a simple but specific routine each night to condition your brain to know when it is time for sleep.

Ready the Body

Sometimes the mind is ready for rest when the body is not. Having a regular nightly routine will help to train the body for bedtime as well. However, there are many other factors that affect the body’s ability to rest. Your diet will hugely affect our bodily functions including sleep. Eating a light meal no less than an hour before bed will result in better sleep than having a heavy meal too close to bedtime. While exercise is good for our bodies and does increase overall wellness, exercising too late in the evening will make sleeping difficult.

Pamper the Senses

If you want to drift off to dreamland peacefully, the body and mind must be calm. All five of our senses contribute to our state of mind and body. Creating a sensory pleasing sleep environment can help to induce sleep as well as increase the quality and longevity of the sleep session. Most people sleep best in quiet, but others prefer to have a light soundtrack of music playing throughout the night. Bedding needs to have a pleasant feel to it. Rough or scratchy fabrics will make sleep less comfortable. Many experts recommend aromatherapy at bedtime as certain scents can increase the sleepy feeling.


Scientific studies have shown that watching television, playing video games and spending time on the computer turn on particular activity centers in our brain. When these areas are on, our minds are too alert for sleep. Cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices do the same thing. Turning off all of the electronics at least an hour before bedtime will help sleep to come quicker. Using an old-fashioned wind-up alarm clock is helpful in eliminating the electronic influences at night too.


Connecting to something spiritual can help to induce the emotional calm needed for a restful sleep. Many people pray before bed. Others write in a journal. And some meditate or chant. No matter what a person’s spiritual beliefs are, connecting to this belief system, each evening will create a systematic response conducive to having a calm and peaceful slumber.

If you are still having trouble getting the sleep you have been yearning for, then I hope you will be blessed with a great night sleep soon.